Executive Summary
"Methods to control temporal parameters of space-time"

Subject of project: experimental work on methods to control temporal parameters of space-time (delay or acceleration of time rate).

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Previous experimental work was made by Faraday Ltd., Company in 2003 with small detected effects of 3-5% changes in time rate. The method to create temporal displacements was described in publications and presented at Congress "Time Machine" April 12, 2003, Moscow.(photo of experimental device and conference photo Dr. Vadim A. Chrenobrov, Alexander V. Frolov) 



Applications Theoretically any temporal displacement produced by changes of aether density must produce active propulsion force and this effect can be used for aerospace.
  • Medical applications
  • Power engineering

  • The goal is to develop experimental setup and produce experiments to measure estiated effects.

    The tasks are to design experimental setup and detectors of temporal variations in area of experiment.

    Planned results are:

    Stages of work are:
    1. Designing and experimenting               9 months
    2. Joint experiments with Customer          2 months
    3. Optimization and reporting                     1 month

    We are interested to organize Scientific Research Work on this topic with Customer.

    Please help to develop our research. We have own 3000 sq. m. land and our plan is to build laboratory for time control experiments.

    You can send bank wire in USD or EURO.
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