Executive Summary
"Unipolar electrogenerator"

Subject of project: research on design of unipolar energy generator using cathode of vacuum tube as source of electrons and Lorentz force to provide E.M.F.

The goal is to develop experimental setup and technology for electric energy generation.

The tasks are to design and test experimental unipolar generator, using vacuum tube as rotor. Measurements are planned to confirm that output power is depend of velocity RPM and magnetic field B for constant input power (cathode heating).

Planned results are: Confirmation of proposal that output power in anode-cathode circuit can be more than input power necessary to heat the cathode.

Practical application: This technology can be used to be applied in designing works to produce fuel-less power generators of 100W - 10KW electric power.

Stages of SRW are:
1. designing of experimental setup, production and experimenting              3 months
2. Joint experiments with Customer                                                                  1 month
3. Optimization of design and reporting                                                            1 month

Similar project was started in 2002 by our company Faraday Ltd. Company and we tested standard vacuum tube GU74 in this more of operation: rotation of hot cathode in axial magnet field. The field was provided by permanent magnets. We have got significant DC output power in external electric circuit between anode and cathode. Theoretically this output power is function of magnet force, rotation velocity (RPM) and emission capacity (surface) of cathode. Input power is small and it is necessary only to heat cathode and provide rotation.

Fig.1 Rotation of vacuum tube

The idea: Lorentz force produce acceleration of electrons, they are moving from cathode to anode. By this way we can get E.M.F and output power i.e. voltage and current between anode and cathode.

Technical problem is connections to electrodes during rotation, i.e. brushes for big power.

We are interested to organize Scientific Research Work on this topic with Customer.


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