Research company Faraday Ltd is started in 2001.
We offer consulting in clean energy projects.
Contact me to discuss possible collaboration: Alexander V. Frolov CONTACTS

Result of consulting work will be presented in form of Scientific Report, in English.
Example is here
  • Report on calculation of design of The Victor Schauberger generator

  • The subjects of our research

    Development of pneumo-hydraulic engines (Rosh generator)
    Over-unity solar panels. Pulsed Photo Electrical energy converter
    Monothermal energy converters based on Schottky diodes
    Reactionless (active) thrusters, drive for aerospace systems
    Cold fusion and low-energy nuclear reactions LENR
    Generators of energy based on effects of magnetization - demagnetization
    Energy sources based on asymmetrical electromagnetic transformators
    Gravimagnetic field, gravitational field and gravitation pulses
    Vortex reactionless propulsion unit
    Nickel energy sources (Rossi technology)
    Power converters (reactive to active)
    TESTATIKA Methernitha generators
    Increasing of hydrogen production in electrolyser
    Over-unity magnetron heat source
    Schauberger Power Generator
    Permanent magnets motors
    Toroidal generator by Steve Mark (TPU)
    Unipolar power generators
    Resonance energy sources
    Self-accelerating motors and generators
    Generators without counter-EMF (Lentz-free)
    Magnetic transistor (MEG) for autonomous energy sources
    Reducing of radioactivity
    Control of temporal characteristics of the space-time
    Development of new methods of influence on different types of viruses

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